You need wings to fly

Up for a few bumps and bruises?

Have you noticed how children have a hunger for adventure, how they cram as many experiences into a day as they can…success or failure, it's not important to them, consequences is an adult word.

They’ll fall over, graze a knee, bonk their heads, cry…there-there, kiss it better…off they go again, driven, born to explore, fearless… second thoughts…risk is another one of those adult words.

Sense of responsibility...

Somehow they make it through childhood, sprout wings…and in the fullness of time, become an adult.

When was the last time you behaved like a child?

When does that segue take place…the transition between childhood and adulthood?

At what point is fun and laughter dampened by the adults sense of responsibility? “Don’t do that, don’t touch…don’t make a noise.” “Don’t, don’t…don’t.”

Why? That’s why.

Wild side...

I’ve made a commitment to cross over to the ‘wild’ side...have a little more, a lot more fun.

But...yes, there’s that ‘but’ word…my mind is flooded with reasons why I shouldn’t…yes, I know it’s all just-in-case stuff, no real risk…only that thing that feels like guilt.

Why do we need to give ourselves permission to break out, to get excited once in a while…the exuberance of it all.

Inner child...

Wouldn’t you be better off checking in with your inner child, get its take on it…its approval perhaps?

Maybe your inner child will give you permission to step outside yourself...and in the only way it knows how?

Now that would be fun!

Are you up for a few bumps and bruises?

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