What’s stopping you from getting what you want?

“What’s stopping you from getting what you want?”

It's a question that seems to stop people in their tracks…

What’s curious is it can be answered in one word: Ourselves…we stop ourselves.

However, it’s the reasons why we stop ourselves that tends to complicate things.


It begins the first time we have to make a decision…sometimes we make the right one, sometimes not…

…at which point we begin to understand consequences…

As we gain experience, we build a database of what works, what doesn’t…so decision making gets more and more involved.

The result…we defer to safe, known outcomes…this is what tends to stop us doing something unfamiliar…this is a pattern I’ve seen in my own life.

What would you do?

Some people seem to have a very high threshold for the things that challenge them…embracing them to experience the trill, the excitement.

How they do anything, is how they do everything…they choose to put aside any idea of negative consequences…they just do it.

What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?

Two options…

With so many potential obstacles we have two options.

Either you have to get to a place where the discomfort of not doing something is greater than doing it, or…

…you can say what Richard Branson, the billionaire entrepreneur, often says, “Screw it…let’s do it.”

You have to find a way to leverage yourself…no one else can do it for you.

Hold on to those feelings…

Remember the big slide in the playground? How scary that was?

Seeing others going down it, having fun…you soon plucked up the courage to try it…peer group support helps a lot.

How did you feel at the bottom? Thrilled? Exhilarated? I bet you climbed back up and did it again?

Hold on to those feelings…they’re key to you getting more of what you want.

Revisit them often…the more you experience them, the more familiar they will become.

They might just help you take the brake off, and move you forward.

Imagine the thrill…