Resolve to take control


Do you ever have days like this?


I woke up…the clouds low, menacing…racing...

It was raining. I usually like the rain…not today…

This morning it made me feel, melancholy...even the sound of the word makes me feel "m e l - a n - c h o - l y".

I pulled the covers over my head, but I could still see my thoughts projected on the inside of my skull…things to do, people to see, things that add up to…work, when all I craved was change...

Vortex of negativity...

Within ten seconds of waking up, my mind had been turned into a vortex of negativity, anxiety…disempowerment.

“Good morning, Michael” I said to myself with a deep breath, and a sigh.

Tea in hand, mobile in the other, I checked the news…it was all bad…I shook my head because words failed me.

My silent rant over, I checked my email…I’m a glutton for punishment…this sent me into a less-than-silent rant about what my day was about to become, nothing fun on that to-do list.

The cat was the answer...

Back in the kitchen, the cat weaving its way between my feet…I took a step, tripped…MEOW! Only just saved my head from a fender-bender with the fridge.

I let out a string of expletives that surprised even me…the cat fled...I stood in the middle of the kitchen, my mind racing.

Nothing was working for me anymore…nothing is a big word.

I was frustrated with myself, with everything…I was not being fulfilled in any way.

I resolved...

It was time to make some important decisions about my future, there comes a time...this was one of them, one of Malcolm Gladwell’s tipping points…thanks Malcolm...

I firmly resolved: I not going to take (expletive removed) from anyone, anymore!

Without realizing it, I had risen up…resolved to take control…take action.

From that moment on…I had an amazing day…and it didn't stop there.

Resolve can be a powerful thing.

R e - s o l - v e .  

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