Problems are questions needing to be answered

It’s a feeling I’ve had many times…wanting something, not knowing what…wanting it anyway.

I had it when I was growing up…now that I’ve grown up, I still have it…if I haven’t found it yet…will I ever find it…

Time like money raises questions…was it well spent? We’re only given so much, no more…once gone, gone forever.

Pause for reflection…

Changing seasons are nature’s reminder…the cycle of life…always turning…

I pause for reflection…have I progressed in past year? Am I getting closer to solving the illusive mystery?

If not, why not? Did I move the dial even a little bit?

If problems are questions needing answers…what questions do I need to ask? 

Questions starting with why, are a good place to begin.

Ask lots of them…keep asking until you get an answer that creates a moment of clarity.

You’re capable of more…

Invest time and action in the belief that something good will happen.

Whatever you’ve achieved so far…know you’re capable of more…aim higher.

Know success and failure are part of the same journey…failure making you wiser, success the reason for celebration.

Ask better questions…

Is it worth the effort? Do you sometimes feel it’ll never amount to anything?

Instead believe whatever happens is something you need to experience to uncover better questions.

A pleasant surprise…

If you want something, what would you have to do to get it? What’s stopping you? What’s the first step?

If you feel apprehensive, are you reacting to past lessons learned? Are they still relevant?

If you're feeling a certain way, ask why…what triggered it? Why now...what would have to happen to change it?

Asking questions of everything you think and feel, can guide you to the root of a problem.

Expect to be surprised…