It’s recognition we seek not success

From the outside it looks like the answer to all our woes, but if you could feel it from the inside you might think otherwise.

I’m talking about one of the most overused, worn out nouns in the language…it even makes me wince to use it here…

…but as it’s the reason for this blog, I have to spell it out at least once: s u c c e s s.

Personally, I prefer to use another word, recognition.

Are you too comfortable?

In order to get recognition…you have to achieve something that only the few have done before.

People have dreams but their biggest enemy is not seeing themselves achieve them…they’re too connected to their past…too filled with doubt…an overwhelming feeling of, its just not me…

Problem is…you’ve lived too long with the old you…it’s comfortable…it’s the devil you know syndrome.

The other side of fear?

People we admire have found a way to move beyond self-doubt, and through fear at an extreme level to get where they are.

Searching for new ideas…acting on them…focus…it all requires grit.

The bonus…every fear you face and overcome, gets you one step closer to the recognition you desire…work small…think big.

You will be tested…

Sometimes our ‘status-quo-life’ doesn’t support our ambitions…we worry about what people will say…they will test us…knowing it is half the battle…

Overcoming rejection builds strength…we have nothing to lose, everything to gain.

Ask yourself, “What’s holding me back?” Make sure it’s not someone else’s idea of your future.

A life by design…

Are you harbouring old habits without realizing it? Is it because that’s how you’ve always done things?

Are you living life by default instead of by design?

In order to get the recognition you want…make a plan and allow your fears to become your compass.

That’s the feeling inside the people you admire, those doing extraordinary things…they are continually challenging themselves…making friends with the uncomfortable.

That’s what recognition feels like on the inside…

How much do you want it?