Everything old can be new again including you

Just when you think something couldn’t possibly get any better, someone pops out of the woodwork with an idea that is better beyond belief.

The irony is, more often than not, it’s not something completely new, but something that already exists, something that’s had an ‘innovation makeover.’

For example the Tesler automobile...that’s based on a hundred year old invention, that evolved from a 5000 year old idea, the wheel…add a second millennia tech-twist, and there you have it.

With time on our hands…vision, innovation, and determination we can create what was once unimaginable.

What if you applied that to your own life? Do you have a vision for your future? Do you have the means to advance yourself? Do you have the determination to be the best you possible?

Is waiting a habit?

There’s only ever one time to do something…that’s now. Granted, ‘now’ is constantly moving, so you have some flex…regardless, use your time wisely.

Don’t put a hold on your life in the name of waiting…do you ever feel you can’t move forward until you’ve got this one really ‘important’ thing out of the way?

Has waiting become a habit, a revolving door that won’t let you in or out, has the monkey-mind taken over?

Ready to take on the world?

Remember those times when you felt strong, invincible, powerful…ready to take on the world? We all have them occasionally, and they usually occur when we're about to make a decision…wouldn’t it be great if we felt like that all the time?

Learn to recognize the monkey mind…understanding its impact is a good first step, the second is realizing when it’s in charge…dream big, believe in yourself, get into action.

Beyond that…it’s your choice…the skies the limit.

Better than better…

You are your own proof…look to yourself, you have the answers...trust...

At the beginning of the post, I said, “Just when you think something couldn’t possibly get better" someone (perhaps you) pops out of the woodwork with an idea that’s better than better...one that might improve your future beyond belief.

Unpack Your Future, the new way…