Do you quietly admit to yourself you're stuck?

We’re all looking for something better…but are we really? Is it ‘pie-in-the-sky’ thinking we won’t admit is just a dream?

Are you spending most of your time solving the little things…overlooking the important ones, those that could have a far greater impact on your future?

Perhaps it’s time to have an important conversation with yourself?

The upside of falling down…

I talk to a lot of people and many openly admit they’re stuck…marking time, the same old, same old…surprisingly, that’s good, because it’s the first step to getting unstuck.

I’ve been there myself…thinking maybe I don’t deserve to get what I want…taking on a commitment is another big one…or just getting out of my comfort zone…if it doesn’t work can I get back safely?

All valid feelings, but as I think about them, they’re just the minds way of keeping us safe.

Sometimes it is worth testing the waters, exploring, checking things out.

We fell down a lot before we could walk…we’re still here, so maybe a few risks is worth the gamble?

The toddler only sees the upside of falling down…ultimately getting from A – B on its feet…Wow!

We can learn something from that…focusing on the upside…rather than spooking ourselves with a huge list of downsides.

An idea worth grasping…

One of my favourite mentors, Gary Vaynerchuk said recently, “When you fear everything, there’s nothing left to fear.”

So the sooner we grasp that idea…the sooner we’ll achieve that ‘something better’ we’re all looking for.

Putting two-and-two together…

For me it was not knowing what the end-game was...that was my biggest problem…I was aware of all the usual things we dream about, of course...

...but I didn’t know how to get there, and probably wouldn't have seen it, even if I'd fallen over it.

Good ideas sometimes come in disguise…it’s vital to look at everything carefully, and creatively for potential.

I recommend it, because it was on one such occasion I dismissed something that held the very secret to what I had been looking for.

I hadn’t put two-and-two together, I wasn’t being flexible enough.

I’m incredibly grateful to a friend who kept reminding me about it.

Keep your eye on the prize…

Individuals who’ve achieved a great deal started out with a simple question, “What if…”, and kept asking it, as they worked their way through failures and ultimately, successes.

The thing that separates them from the crowd…is they accepted it as part of the process… they kept their eyes on the horizon…the prize.

Are you too busy looking at your feet, or are you keeping an eye on the horizon?

Imaging what could be over that distant hill…