Do we take ourselves too seriously?

When was the last time you laughed?

Really laughed?

You don’t have to be happy to laugh, just look on the bright side of things for a change. Whatever the drama it always has one...a bright side…try laughing at yourself, go to a funny movie, be silly, I dare you...the very sound of laughter will make you laugh, or at least crack a's powerful.

Do we sometimes take ourselves too seriously?

Just because...

Happiness, or lack of it, is a hot topic, its seems to have reached epidemic proportions…popular because of all the unhappy people who are, yup… looking for happiness.

How will we recognize it when we find it…are we looking in all the right places?

In supermarkets answers leap off magazine covers, or social media, a gazillion talk shows, books galore.

The world seems to be overflowing with answers to our unhappiness.

Granted...some people have very real reasons to be unhappy, and I have tremendous empathy for them.

What I'm referring to here is that general dull ache of unhappiness, the kind that tends to creep up on us for no particular reason...just because...

Are problems a habit?

Do we have more problems than we used to have, surely we’ve solved a few along the way…has having problems become a habit? Do they make us feel more the swing of things?

“What a day, up at five, missed my flight…lost my luggage somewhere between Phoenix and Toronto.” Are you looking for sympathy, or a medal?

What I hear most is people complaining about other, money, no time, disappointment...lack of appreciation, recognition.

Is complaining another way of saying, I give up? Are we waiting to be rescued?

Has our list of complaints become a social cliché...the cost of entry?

Attract new friends...

Maybe our expectations are too high?

What if we went through our day without least that would save us from disappointment...perhaps we'd discover a little gratitude…

Stop for a moment...make a list of the things you’re grateful for…if you're being honest it will be a very long list. Mine starts with, "I woke up this morning." Right now I'm thinking, "I'm still here."

Perhaps that'll make you feel better, happy even…maybe you'll attract new friends who have also learned the value of gratitude…like-minded people...that's the ticket...

Create a movement...

Empower yourself, be generous, show you care about others, talk to them about what excites them...really connect…let this be the cost of entry, not complaints…create a movement.

You’re more powerful than you think…

Don’t waste it.

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