Do to-do lists stop us from doing?

A full house of solopreneurs staring at their computer screens…that would be our local coffee shop.

Their concentration as intense as mine, however mine was focused on looking out of the window instead.

I was reflecting on the past…a few days earlier I had been sorting through some old boxes and came across pages from what must have been part of an old journal.

Refilling my coffee, I had one of those ‘Ah-ha’ moments…something I had written years ago, was something I was still writing about today…23 years later.

Nothing had changed…

The to-do list of life…

The things I wanted back then are the things I still want today.

Why are they still on my to-do list of life?

Why had I overlook them for decades?

What if the things I wanted had been on top of that list instead of the bottom?

Lost opportunities…

It occurred to me…if I had ignored them for whatever reason…what’s the likelihood of me putting them off again…and again…and never enjoy the benefit of having them?

I left myself out of the picture for years without realizing it.

I had clearly lost the plot.

The awakening…

Later, while scrolling through my social feed, an infographic flew by…I stopped and dragged it back down.

“Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” -  Carl Jung

Were the things I’ve always wanted only a dream?

Having been reminded to look inside…

…had I just awakened?