Could your personal brand lead to a new future?

Personal brand? What’s that? Do I have one?

You’ve always had one…you just didn’t go around telling everyone about it.

It's how we stake our very own turf on the crazy congested information highway.

Networking is the name of the game…we have apps for it, social media…affordable tech…

What we stand for…

Unless we’re ‘out there’ we risk anonymity…not a good thing in the age of sharing…privacy is becoming a thing of the past.

My 14 year-old niece recently asked me why I thought privacy was important…I fluffed my way through the usual clichés, then retreated by saying, ‘good question.’

Our personal brand is simply details about who we are, what we do, what we stand for, what our dreams and aspirations are…the more unique the better.

It’s how we set ourselves apart from everyone else…it’s a celebration of our uniqueness, the selfless contribution we make to others…our willingness to offer a helping hand.

It’s empowering…

For the first time, we have extraordinary resources to grow who we are…to connect simply with whomever we want…it’s very empowering.

We have the ability to do things differently now, because the old ways have been superseded…the rules have changed.

New rules…

Are you open to playing by the rules? The new rules…it’s a different game these days.

We’re all looking for more time to do things we enjoy…spend more time with people we love, those who inspire us…I know I am.

All we have to do is stir up the courage to do it…unleash our willingness to be open…view the future with wonder.

Be lots of things…

Everyday I read about people who are creating a new kind of future…making things happen…saying ‘Yes’ more often than ‘No.’

When we put ourselves out there, as I am with this blog…sharing who I am, what I'm looking for, it’s amazing what comes back.

Even connecting with just one person can change your future…your fortunes. Why not do it?

Identify the value you want to bring to others…then be lots of things to many…careers have more than one thread these days.

We have no idea how much we’re impacting others.

Safe to say…when it’s meaningful to them, they’ll be in touch.