Complaining is a lost opportunity

Why do we complain?

Because it’s easy, that's why…there’s a lot of it about, and there’s a reason for it.

The act of complaining shifts the burden of responsibility from me, to someone else whether they take it on, or not...bottom line, it's off my desk.

Take responsibility...

“It’s not my job...someone had better do something about it before it's too late.”

That ‘someone’ must have a very long to-do list.

What stops us from taking on that responsibility and do something about it ourselves...if it’s important enough to spend time complaining about it, wouldn't it be a better use of our time to step up and fix the problem.

“I’ll just sit here and complain…suffer in vain. It’s nothing to do with me.”

By complaining, we become part of the problem...a lost opportunity.

Be the solution...

Do we have to wait until the pain of not doing something is greater than the pain of doing it?

Does this fall under the general heading of human nature?

Do we complain more when we’re sitting, than when standing? Could the solution be as simple as getting on our feet (physically or metaphorically)?

By taking on the initiative ourselves, we add value to our life (satisfaction), or better yet, someone else’s (leadership).

How does that feel? Think of all the time we could save by not complaining.

As the saying goes…the hardest part of exercise is not the exercise itself, it's putting on the kit and getting to that first step.

Hold on to your power...

By taking that step we could create a domino effect that might change the world…why not think BIG?

Butterfly effect, anyone?

When we leave things to others, we give them our power…

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