Clearly we need to look at our intentions

Decision-making is like a muscle…

The more you make, the easier it becomes.

Imagine what that could do for your life…your future?

I don’t know about you, but I find decision-making stressful…is it the right choice…what if it’s wrong and my world comes crashing down?

It’s imagining the worst possible outcome that holds me back…note to self; stop it.

Intentions lead the way...

It would be easier if decisions were either/or, but it’s never quite that simple…which tells me I’m not clear about my intentions…or my ‘why’.

So maybe it’s not the decision, it’s more about getting clarity on the end game…

We make decisions all the time...when to get up, what to have for breakfast, and then there are those that come with far reaching consequences.

Copping out…

I’m sitting with one of these at the moment. I know the answer, but I’m not going there for some reason…so I take the path of least resistance and blame it on fear, which is my way of copping-out.

And so it goes on…a drama of my own making…it would be so much easier to say trust, it will be alright...and go for it.

Why do I make hard work of things that could be easy? Is it my work ethic that tells me, things aren’t supposed to be easy…so I do it the hard way?

What if one of those decisions had a deadline with the possibility of a loss attached to it? I bet I’d be all over it.

Suddenly making that decision is the easiest thing in the world…funny how that happens.

Right decision…

There are no easy solutions…we’re dealing with human nature…our basic instinct for survival…driven by emotions…with all that going on things can get complicated.

When I do make a decision it’s incredibly empowering…which makes the next one easier to make, and the next…and the next…

When things get’ll make the right decision.