Can you argue with technology?

There’s something about coffee shops that generate warmth and camaraderie…a place for people to get together to share.

Partway through our conversation, I asked Hannah, a friend and fellow blogger, “What get’s your attention?” Closely followed by, “What’s important to you?”

“Why?” She said, anticipating something unexpected.

“No subtext”, I said. “It’s something I've been thinking about.”

The gist of her answer eventually uncovered a growing feeling of uncertainty with the general everything…chasing a life that didn’t seem relevant anymore, not knowing the alternative…and the big question: What’s it all about?

Searching for new meaning…

It feels like everything we’re experiencing…how we connect, the speed of it, the potential of leaving us behind…like breaking the sound barrier, moving beyond the speed of sound…the boom, then the silence.

Have modern times made the past irrelevant? The ‘two-point-whatever’ version of the world…making everything before it obsolete?

The word ‘home’ struggles for meaning…the one on websites may be the only one people know in the future.

Trusting your gut feeling…

I don’t have any nostalgia for the past…which tends to paint a picture of the idyllic...we know enough to know it wasn't.

What I do have is recollection, it's more objective…a truer picture of what went before.

I use my intuition a lot more these days, trusting my gut more…keeping my head out of the mix…too often in conflict with my heart.

If I need help, I ask for it…but I also give help to others when they ask, sometimes before they do…being aware...being empathetic.

What it means to be human…

We’re lead to believe that technology has all the answers…I would offer that people need people more.

When we put too much value on technology…we may inadvertently undervalue people.

Technology will never replace the coffee shop experience.

A thought…

We can live without technology, we did before, for a very long time…but what is truly meaningful, comes from our relationships with each another…that will never go out of style...

…more coffee?