Are you using your time wisely?


…for the elevator, in traffic jams, for someone to come home, for someone to make up their mind, for the paint to dry, the kettle to boil…for it to be 5 o’clock…next week…month…year…

Have you noticed how often we put our lives on hold in the name of waiting?

Samuel Beckett wrote a famous play called ‘Waiting For Godot’. By the end of it Godot still hadn’t arrived, and we never find out who she/he is…or what it is, if it’s not a person?

Use time wisely...

Shouldn’t we be doing something better with our maybe develop a new mindset, a new way of thinking?

Do you sometimes feel you can’t move forward on any front until you’ve got this one really ‘important’ thing out of the way?

Is waiting a habit, a revolving door that won’t let you in or out?

Does it give you a reason to blame someone else for your lack of decision-making? 

This morning I woke up in complete overwhelm because I felt I was in the grip of waiting-itis.

I sat up and gave myself the only thing I could...a good talking to.

Time to move on...

The gist of which was: time to move on, make a commitment to something, anything, just commit…free myself from the torment.

As soon as I’d done that…pheeeeewww! I felt unbelievably light, reborn...that anything is possible feeling, it felt soooooooo good!

It takes courage...and yes, that four-letter word will likely rear its head…fear. Given that it lives in our head, we can’t see it, can’t touch it…how hard can it be to overcome something that doesn’t exist? Has our monkey-mind taken over?

Are you ready for a reawakening? Ready to enjoy the lightness, to say “yes” to that commitment you’ve been avoiding?

You’re right, it might all go sideways…what if it does, we can always change our mind, there’s no limit on how many times we can do that.

Commitment equals clarity...

Commitment is just another way of getting clarity...wouldn’t you like to surround yourself with more of that?

Then you know what to do...


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