Are you ready to be all of who you are?

I was always bottom of the class… it surprising I felt like a dummy…what else is a kid to think?

Unfortunately it turned out to be a self-fulfilling prophecy…what you think about comes about.

The only class I was really good at was woodwork, and I guess I was pretty good at metalwork too.

Slipped out the side door...

Clue #1 – I didn’t see myself working in construction, or in a factory…I may not have known much, but I knew that much.

When I finally graduated, or should I say, 'slipped out the side door unceremoniously.' I couldn’t get out fast enough. What I learned at school was enough to know they didn’t ‘understand me’.

I was one of those kids who ‘fell through the cracks’.

Then I surprised myself…

I'll never forget...

Clue #2 – at aged 16, I got a job at the first place I applied. It was also a day I'll never forget for another reason…it was the first time I’d felt that squiggle in my tummy that shouted: "Yes! The feeling of winning.

There I was, a dishwasher at a rundown hotel…I didn’t know it was, I had nothing to compare it with…it was a job, I'd moved on, it wasn’t school.

It was just me and the dishes, and my thoughts…just because I was a 'dummy' didn’t mean I didn’t think about stuff.

I was capable of a lot more...

Then one day my mind went into overdrive…

Clue #3 – I had this feeling I was capable of a lot more...I just needed something or someone to point me in the right direction.

It came in the form of a promotion to busboy…I guess someone figured out, if I was good at washing dishes, maybe I’d be good at something busboy it was for now, the early morning shift...looked more like night it was so dark outside.

Then the penny dropped.

Eye to the future...

Clue #4 – Hard work pays off.

My confidence grew…my lack of qualifications didn’t seem to be holding me back. I knew deep inside, that whatever I ended up doing, I wouldn’t need them. I was on course, and with an eye to the future.

That's when I decided it was important to become all of who I was…to step out of my shell, find my purpose…make a difference in the world.

Clue #5 - I had this belief that opportunity would always come knocking, as long as I was open to new experiences, and worked hard…meaning always doing more than was expected of me.

In my own right...

These five clues stuck with me, they helped me see I had value…that I was a person in my own right.

Thinking back…

…I wasn’t the dummy I lead myself to believe. I had been listening to all the wrong people…the real mistake was thinking they were smarter than me.

Believe in yourself, it's not about you against the world, it's you against you...that's your biggest challenge.

Growing up...

How do you tell a kid to believe in themselves? Can it be learned? Maybe that's what growing up is about?

I wonder how my classmates are doing now?

Clue #6 – Only you know what’s right for you…no one else, they only know what’s right for them.

If it feels right, and you believe in it, perfect…

…if not…don't take it have a choice.

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