Are most of our problems actually someone else's?

I usually start my posts by thinking of a problem and taking it for a walk to put some meaning around it.

Today I was thinking, what if we didn’t have any problems? What would I write about?

My first thought was to wonder what I’d do with my time…closely followed by an acceptance of all things, without questioning, without judgment…very interesting…

Could this be a problem in itself…one worth exploring?

Would we even notice?

I’d just come through a week, when everything seemed to go wrong, adding hugely to an already burgeoning to-do list…but did it really?

As I began to make sense of it, I realized most of the things were problems in mind only…nothing real I could touch…eventually cross off a list.

Are to-do lists only of value while we’re writing them…the next day, we probably won’t remember half the things anyway.

Does that mean those things would go undone? Would we notice? Perhaps they shouldn’t have been on the list in the first place? Hmmnnn…

Why is it my problem?

Fall days tend put my mind in window gazing mode…watching leaves fall from trees on a windless day…thinking how the sound of the river doesn’t interrupt the sound of silence…

Staring into the middle distance, I realize most of my list had nothing to do with me at all, …they where things of someone else’s making, who for some reason, had made them my problem.

If I sat quietly on my own, I probably wouldn’t have any problems at all…except for those in my own mind…of my own making.

I’m happy to own those, knowing they too will fade from memory…like most things.

Thoughts as fiction…

I began to wonder if my biggest problem was thinking too much…living in my head…turning thoughts into fiction that can become more real than reality itself?

Attaching thoughts to thoughts…

Life is pretty straight-forward really, for me it’s the thoughts I’ve attached to other thoughts that make it confusing.

Problems only become real once we have to do something about them.

I think that’s a good thought to end on…

What do you think?