Either way you'll miss out on something

What if?

What if, you say yes? What if, you say no?

Either way you’re going to miss out on something…an opportunity, or at worst a lesson learned.

My personal ‘law of averages’, tells me: I’ve never regretted saying 'yes' to anything…but saying 'no' has always left me feeling curious…have I missed out on something?

‘What if’ questions are safety valves…


I was struggling with a ‘what if’ question recently…sizing up the consequences… I couldn’t make up my mind…so I did what I usually do…I did nothing.

Talking it over with a friend, she said, “You’ve got your foot on the brake and the gas-peddle at the same time…take your foot off the brake…”

I caught the gist of her wisdom…the cloud lifted…I took my foot off the brake and…Vrrooooom!

Sometimes you have to make a friend of consequences and be done with it…

What would it take?

Imagine if you could do anything, what would it be? Put aside consequences, the unknown, being vulnerable…knowing fear will always be part of decision-making.

How freeing that would be…what would that take? Only you can answer that.

The new you…

If by taking your foot off the brake…you open yourself up to a whole new world…are you prepared to live with the new you?

Are you ready for the ‘dating’ process…to explore and accept the new ‘you’, you become in the process?

Take your foot off the brake…

We tend to admire those who are living their dreams…those who have become celebrated in some way…

…or simply those you know, who are achieving extraordinary things, just by following a passion…getting on with it quietly…no fanfare.

It’s likely they’ve all faced the ‘what if’ question many times…have largely said 'yes' more often than 'no', and above all, taken their foot off the brake.

If you’re looking for proof…seek out people who are living their dreams…people you admire who are on the other side of success…they usually like to share, give back…ask them.

It all comes down to the ‘yes’ word eventually…do yourself a favor…it’s time to enjoy the ride…

…take your foot off the brake.